Remaining Vigilant And Avoiding Disaster - Maintaining Your Commercial Fire Alarm System

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Remaining Vigilant And Avoiding Disaster - Maintaining Your Commercial Fire Alarm System

16 December 2015
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When you oversee a large commercial facility, merely installing a fire alarm system is only the first step in keeping your employees and tenants safe. Indeed, that system will only be as effective as the maintenance techniques that you use to keep it operating correctly, so it's vital that those procedures aren't neglected.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take in order to maintain your commercial fire alarm system. Following these suggestions will help guarantee that your employees and building occupants will be ready to respond to danger if it should ever strike, and will also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you've taken every necessary step to create a safe environment.

Keep Consistent Records

Preserving proper maintenance first requires you to know when the system was last maintained. If you're unsure about the actions which have been taken in the past to keep your fire alarm up to date, it may be nearly impossible to create a routine which takes advantage of that vigilance.

By maintaining a consistent record of your maintenance procedures, you're sure to know what's been neglected and what should be next on your agenda. This also allows for seamless continuity in the event that someone else takes over that task, guaranteeing that you can spread around some responsibility for building administration.

Observe Environmental Factors

Keeping an eye on the mechanical operations of your alarm system may be the easiest part of your maintenance task. Changing batteries, checking aural alarms, and verifying that sprinklers are being fed water can all be done relatively easily, but taking your building's environment into consideration shouldn't slip through the cracks.

High pressure or humidity environments, unreliable electrical systems, and other factors may prevent your fire suppression system from operating correctly. Make sure that you're within the manufacturer's parameters for all of these factors, and attempt to take the appropriate corrective steps if you find yourself with a suddenly unreliable system.

Conduct Regular Drills

All of the equipment maintenance in the world can still fail if the people working or living in the commercial space are unprepared to respond to a fire emergency. While it may seem like a nuisance, regular fire drilling can make responding to an actual disaster an instinctual process, and that can be invaluable in situations where a person is too stressed or hurried to stop and thinking. Fire drills serve an important purpose, so be sure to make them a part of your routine.

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